Work at a Dude Ranch!

Traveling to your Dude Ranch Job

Traveling to and from your dude ranch job offers up many fun possibilities. Many ranch workers stop and camp along the way, seeing sites they've wanted to see all their lives: the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Custer Battlefield, Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, the Tetons, and so forth. If your schedule allows it, be sure to take advantage of the roadtrip!

Bringing your own vehicle to the ranch is highly and universally recommended. It allows you the freedom to take off and investigate local attractions, as well as make the trek into town if you're feeling a bit stir crazy or need to restock on rations. Without your own wheels, you're at the mercy of other staff or business runs.

A small team, six-day weeks, and competing agendas may make it surprisingly hard to coordinate group trips, so again, your own car gives you power over your own schedule.

It also makes it easier to initially get to the ranch (and may inspire a hell of a road trip, depending on your original location.) But, if the car doesn't make it or isn't an option, the majority of ranches will pick you up in the nearest town. That town may be an easy, standard flight away, with your ride waiting at the airport, or might require an additional local flight, bus trip or generous, well-wheeled friend. Hopefully your ranch will be flexible about your transport choices, and you should be, too.

Happy Trails!

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