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Dude Ranch Kitchen Jobs -
Food and Beverage Service

Of all the seasonal summer dude ranch jobs, those in the kitchen or revolving around food and beverage service are the hardest to fill. If you're a line cook or chef, who's interested in a different kind of work experience, then check out dude and guest ranch job possibilities.

Chef/Sous Chef

Upscale ranches strive to bring fresh, gourmet food to their tables, and search out qualified chefs to provide it. A trained, experienced professional generally serves as head chef with cooks and assistants beneath him, but larger properties occasionally hire qualified sous chefs, pastry chefs and bakers as well.

As kitchen head, the chef's responsibilities include training and supervising kitchen staff; designing recipes and menus; inventory, cost control and ordering; overseeing kitchen operations; and upholding health, safety and cleanliness standards.

Seasonal Cook Jobs

Who needs all that gourmet nonsense? Other ranches uphold their down-home image with classic, uncomplicated food prepared by good solid cooks. These positions usually require experience but not necessarily formal training. The head cook's duties, however, mirror those of the head chef with an emphasis on leadership, organization and quality. Assistant cooks, true to their name, are expected to assist in the above responsibilities and often focus on baking, desserts, and presentation. They may lead a certain meal such as breakfast or campfire cookouts, and lend a hand with prep, cleaning and general kitchen maintenance.

Kitchen Staff/Prep Hand/Dishwasher

You'd love to work in a kitchen, but don't have the background? Give it a go as a member of the kitchen staff. While the daily duties may be menial, you're certain to learn about all aspects of a commercial kitchen environment. The limited number of staff also ensures that you won't spend every minute behind the dishwasher; with a little practice, you'll be behind the burners in no time. Kitchen staff also tend to work in other departments, so you'll experience several areas of ranch life while polishing your chopping skills.

Waitstaff Jobs

Dude ranch waitstaff also multitask. In addition to serving meals, waiting tables and bartending, servers often help in the kitchen, work in housekeeping, maintain public areas and assist in activities. Because ranches rarely require previous front of house experience, they can be a great way to get your foot in the hospitality door.

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