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Types of Jobs on a Dude Ranch

Each and every job at a dude ranch involves far more than its title describes. You will inevitably experience a taste of each department, and often find yourself performing several roles at once. In addition to the basic positions below, larger ranches routinely hire activity-specific guides. You may run the golf course, lead the fly-fishing program, discuss premium wines or oversee the spa. Management positions occasionally crop up as well, and if you have a certain skill you'd like to showcase, it never hurts to ask how you can fit it in.

The following pages highlight some of the most in demand dude ranch jobs, such as seasonal line cooks and other seasonal kitchen jobs like waitstaff and dishwashing jobs. You'll be able to find more information about each kind of dude ranch job on ranch websites and on our job board. Go to the dude ranch associations page, then to the various ranch websites - and job boards. From there you can visit many ranch websites.


Dude Ranch Kitchen Jobs - Food and Beverage Service >>>

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