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Welcome to the world of guest ranches - just the name conjures images of sun-burned cowboys leading majestic herds; shady, well-worn paths winding from main lodge to mountaintop; friendly, charming hosts with pointed boots and big sky smiles; and cozy log cabins ready to warm the snootiest of guests. It's all true, and it's all available. Before looking into your own seasonal ranch job you should learn about the business... Hundreds of ranches nestle themselves into America's peaks and valleys, and each offers a unique and special opportunity to experience the country's frontier tradition.

Guest ranches, also known as dude ranches, provide holidaymakers with a time to remember. They operate on traditional, conservative values such as respecting the outdoors, enjoying family style meals, and creating lasting memories beyond the TV set or the poolside. An emphasis on horseback riding, fishing and hiking encourages new undertakings, and a home away from the city's comforts stretches the imagination as well as the hamstrings.

Thousands of guests reap the benefits of ranch life every year, but the advantages are also available in a different manner: as an employee.

A Summer Working Vacation...

Working at a dude ranch creates innumerable opportunities for personal growth, meaningful friendships, and excursions into the wild. It's like a little summer, working vacation (emphasis on working). You'll gain incredible new skills as well as insight into yourself, and constantly face challenges far from the trials of term papers and bus schedules. Additionally, few positions exist with a closer connection to nature or a stronger team environment. The possibilities for introspection, inspiration and adventure reach as far as the horizon, and at most dude ranches, that horizon appears to be just about endless. It's also not as remote as it seems. With some research and motivation, almost anyone can spend a summer under the stars.

That's where Dude Ranch Jobs 411 comes in. We examine the pros and cons of dude ranch employment, and whether it's the right choice for you. We look at the wide variety of ranches currently operating, the working and living conditions, and the types of ranch jobs available. If it all sounds good, check out our portions on getting a job, getting to the ranch, and what to bring. Our links page is the last step, providing even more resources for extra inquiring minds. Through it all, you'll find everything you need to begin an awesome Western experience that you'll never forget.

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