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Wrangler & Children's Activity Coordinator Jobs

Children's Coordinator/Nanny/Au Pair

Many ranches employ a specific person to manage all things kid-related. This can range from occasionally babysitting for guests, to watching the owner's family full time, to creating, implementing and leading a large scale children's program.

In the latter case, ranches usually request both riding and teaching experience, and all children's positions often entail background checks and seriously strong references. Be warned: playing all day can be exhausting.

But, if you like children, managing a kid's program may provide a wonderful combination of summer camp and the Wild West, and will certainly bring non-stop action and surprises.

So if you have had babysitting jobs or been a nanny, then being a dude ranch Children's Coordinator, nanny, or au pair might be something to look into.

Wrangler Jobs

Wranglers make up the horsy heart of the dude ranch. They round up, feed, groom, saddle and train the horses. The barn, stables and arena fall under their jurisdiction, including tack upkeep, trail maintenance and fencing, and they sometimes manage cows or other livestock. Most importantly, wranglers engender a safe, interesting and fun riding experience for the guests. They cater to the clients' requests and abilities, and ensure that their people skills are as good as their horsemanship.

You'll see many different types of dude ranch jobs posted on our job board and on dude ranch websites too.

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