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There are people all over the world who love the idea of a 'western style' vacation, and visiting a dude ranch is a great way for them to fulfill their dreams. Dude ranches afford the opportunity for families to ride horses, go fly fishing, hike in the backcountry, view wildlife, and partake in all kinds of other outdoor activities.

In addition to those types of activities guests at a dude ranch might:

And then there's the stargazing, wonderful cuisine, even sometimes spa treatments, mountain biking, swimming, and tennis. Here you can explore what type of dude ranch is best for you!

Believe it or not, some dude ranches are even open during the winter months. Visitors in December, January, and February get to hit the trails on snowmobiles and cross-country skis! Many dude and guest ranches take their guests on sleigh rides, bringing along plenty of hot spiced cider and cocoa.

Generally, a dude ranch vacation is one of the best family vacations imagineable!

Working at a dude ranch affords you the opportunity to be around people who are having the times of their lives. In addition to that, your dude ranch job will be unlike any job you've had before.

Dude Ranch Jobs

Dude Ranches, sometimes called Guest Ranches, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some need 12-20 seasonal workers while others will hire 40-50 or even a few more. Seasonal kitchen staff, such as cooks and chefs, are among the hardest jobs for dude ranches to fill. Seasonal ranch jobs also include:

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